Friday, 22 January 2016

Best Stock Trading Tips For Beginner

Hello Traders and Investors, if you are going to trade in stock and want success so you need to know essential stock trading tips. Who are beginners in stock trading can easily realized that stock trading is not as easy as you think, but if you do some research on fundamentals of stock market and follow basic guide lines then surely you can trade effectively everywhere.

Guidelines for Beginner to determine whether Tips have the Value-

1-Ask yourself that why you want to trade or investment on stock. Before investing a single capital just make a plan for your portfolio. Generally newbie has lack knowledge and confidence in this field that’s why they get attracted to experts without thinking that their tips are profitable or not and under the budget you decided. Such silly mistakes can make you in big loss, that should be avoided
   2-Make a step-by-step plan so that you can earn profit on your invested capital. Although there are risks involved in trading but your aim should be to get much higher return on your investment since stock speculation.

    3-Always remember that trading is different than investing. Trading is for short-term while investing is for long-term in nature. Stock Investors must need to have patient for long time whereas stock traders get instant results.

   4-Always check the volume of trading for that particular stock. Volume indicates the interest traders taking in the stock and indication of the flow of money as well. If users are buying and selling stocks, that says that money is flowing and you can take an action on desired stock. If there is no volume, and then it means stock is dead and your investment will be constant. You have to wait for that movement to make money trading.

   5- One of the most important factor is “Buying and Selling” of any trade since buying at a low price and selling at a high price is the basis of making money in trading. 

6-Moving averages is a widely used indication in technical analysis of stocks. There are two basic Moving Averages indicators are commonly used, one is “Simple moving average (SMA)” and another is “Exponential moving average (EMA)” .Moving average crossover  strategy  is best ways to see buying and selling opportunities.

By using these all above stock trading tips not only a beginner, but also a regular trader and investors may become a very successful trader or investor.

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